Bananas cooked in a grill pan.

I was inspired to make this after reading  Grill Pan Cooking.  The preparation is really pretty simple and involves slicing Lady Finger bananas in half lengthwise.  Hey…easy is good sometimes.

Bananas ready for the grill pan








I pre-heated my grill pan on medium for a few minutes and added the bananas to the pan cut side down.  After about five minutes I flipped the little guys over and let them go for another few minutes.

Bananas in the grill pan.One of the things that really surprised me was how black the skin became.  I guess I should have anticipated that but….sometimes you just have one of those days.

I plated these up and drizzled with a little honey since they looked a bit dry.  The texture held up pretty good and the bananas looked great with real pretty grill marks.  So here is the catch…..I made these because I thought it would be fun and would look pretty.  These are meant to be served on top of ice cream but to be honest; I don’t like bananas and haven’t eaten ice cream in years.  I wish I could tell you that these were delicious and you needed to go make them RIGHT NOW.  All I can really say is that this was fun!

Really this was just another excuse to bust out a grill pan and play in the kitchen.  Thanks for playing around with me. :)

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