This is an easy grill pan recipe with a Louisiana flair that tastes delicious. This recipe does break one of my tips for using grill pans in that I use a lot of honey in the marinade; more on that later.Shrimp and Andouille

The shrimp marinade:
• Juice of two limes
• Two tablespoons of hot sauce
• One tablespoon of honey

I peeled and deveined a half pound of Louisiana gulf shrimp, added them to the marinade and let them soak in the refrigerator for an hour.  I used small wooden skewers and added one marinated shrimp and one slice of andouille sausage to each skewer. I had a little more shrimp than sausage so I made up a few skewers with two shrimps each.

Grilled shrimp
As always, the grill pan was preheated over medium low for about five minutes. The skewers grilled up pretty quickly and smelled great. I didn’t time things exactly but it took about three minutes per side. About 30 seconds before I took the skewers out of the pan I hit everything with a fresh squirt of lime juice.
Really, really good! These make a pretty and flavorful appetizer that is just the right size to munch on with one hand. The hot sauce is not overpowering at all, the citrus was the strongest component.

Grill pan shrimp
Okay, now about the honey in the marinade….I knew this was going to leave me with lots of crud on my grill pan so I used my clad aluminum pan instead of my cast iron. I can soak my clad aluminum pan in hot soapy water for a few hours and it cleans up easy. I would never do that with cast iron.  I guess that is one of the important things about “rules”; as long as you know why they exist you can go ahead and break them at your discretion. I knew I was going to have a crud covered grill pan to clean before I ever started cooking and so I planned accordingly. No big deal.