Grill Pan Starter Set

If you are trying to decide which grill pan to get let me make some recommendations. In my opinion, the two best grill pans are:

  • Simply Calphalon Nonstick 13-Inch Round Grill Pan
  • Lodge Pro-Logic 12-Inch Grill Pan.

The Calphalon is a clad aluminum grill pan that was ranked as the best overall in an evaluation by Cook’s Illustrated (Jan 1, 2006). Cook’s Illustrated does excellent research and their recommendation should be given significant weight.

The Lodge is a seasoned cast iron grill pan that was ranked as the best overall in an evaluation by the LA Times (Oct 27, 2004).  While the LA Times food section doesn’t carry a lot of authoritative weight I fully support their choice because I love cast iron. I love the look and the weight of cast iron.  When I break out my cast iron I feel like I am doing some serious cooking.  “Stand back!  Here comes the Iron!”

I have included an Amazon product wheel below to let you take a look at the two pans.  In order to make a product wheel Amazon makes you have at least six items so I also included some accessories to go with your grill pan.  I can highly recommend the grill brush, it is the one I use myself.  The silicone tongs are an excellent idea to keep you from hurting your non-stick surface.  I really like the Grill Pan is the best grill pan cook book I have come across so far.

The price on the Calphalon grill pan has been swinging around pretty significantly.  If it looks a bit pricey right now keep checking back, the price has been known to drop.


The two grill pans are both great. If you love cast iron get the Lodge, if you hate cast iron get the Calphalon.



  1. mike says:

    lotsa good info here! answers a lot of questions i did not even know i had.
    for a first time purchase of a grill pan, this site is a must-go-to.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Mike. Glad you even found this site in the first place. Happy grilling!

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