It was raining cats and dogs a while back so it was back inside to the grill pan for some steak.   I picked up some pretty New York strip steaks at the store.  I really prefer ribeyes but they are fatty enough to cause the kitchen to smoke up if you cook them on a grill pan.

I hit the steaks with some salt and pepper and let them rest on the counter for 30 minutes and preheated my grill pan for 5 minutes over medium low heat.

The steaks were cooked for 6 minutes per side and were slightly rotated after 4 minutes to get a little cross hatch action.

Grill pan New York strip steak

Grill pan New York strip steak

The 12 minutes of cooking took these guys to “medium well”.  Pretty good eating.

I did these steaks a few weeks later.  Pretty much the same routine; salt, pepper and rest at room temperature.  Then into a preheated grill pan for 5 minutes a side (took it to the medium side of medium rare).

More Steaks!

More New York Strip Steaks!

Below is a video of a different approach to using this pan for a New York strip.  This is actually a product demonstration from Lodge Cast Iron.  I was a little amazed when I watched this.  They add oil to the pan, which causes a lot of smoke, and finish the steak in the oven.  I am not a fan of the approach but I guess it works for some folks.


If you need a little more inspiration check out the video from Jamie Oliver.  I have not used one of his grill pans before but I think they look neat.  I like the bulls eye that turns red when the pan is the right temperature.  I always enjoyed watching Jamie so I was tickled to find his video on cooking the perfect steak in a grill pan.