Buying a double burner grill pan requires a lot more thought than buying up a single burner pan.  I didn’t do much thinking when I bought my double burner pan and the end result was frustration and wasted money.

I bought my double burner grill on impulse at an old hardware store while I was actually looking for a shovel.  It was a large cast iron beauty with the reversible griddle.  I have a pretty big five burner stovetop and figured I needed a pretty big stovetop grill.

Here is a picture of the grill in its first (and only) use.

Double burner grill pan in use.

What a beauty! This is why I wanted a double burner grill pan!


You can see why I wanted this guy, right?  It has plenty of room for four rib eye steaks and a load of veggies.  It also has a reversible griddle so imagine how many pancakes you could fit on this beast!

This is sold as a 24 inch double burner grill as the grilling surface is 24 inches long.  In actually this is a 28 inch grill because you have to take the two inch handle on either side into consideration.  Why does this matter?  Because of the danged handles, this grill is too large to fit across a front/back burner combination on my stove (the back splash gets in the way) and is too small to reach across my two front burners.

My Double Burner Cast Iron Grill

My Double Burner Cast Iron Grill

Technically it does reach across the front burners but the burners are right at the edges of the grill which means the handles get hotter than heck and the middle has a big cold spot.  It also means that once you are done cooking this grill is going to be sitting on your stove a long time while it cools down.  The handles were too hot to use even when I was wearing oven mitts.

The moral of the story is to make sure you measure your stovetop and understand all of the dimensions of a double burner grill before you purchase one.  This is especially true if you are working with a five burner range.  If anyone is willing to pay the shipping I’ll be happy to give you mine!
Below is an Emeril/HSN video of what I was hoping I would be able to do with a double burner grill pan.