I spent a little time on YouTube to see what useful information I could find on grill pans.  Below is a collection of a few of the ones I thought were interesting.

The first video is from the folks over at “About” on how to use a grill pan.  There is a short advertisement at the start, apologies for that.  They are grilling up a hanger steak with red onions.  The grill pan is the 12 inch Lodge cast iron pan that I suggest over on my starter set page.  It’s nice to see a good video of the grill in action.

The second video is a product demonstration from Williams Sonoma for the Green Pan.  I am not sure I would ever lay down any cash for this one.  It has a grill insert and a lid; why are they making this complicated?  I am intrigued with their non-stick coating, Thermalon.  I can’t figure out what the polymer actually is.

Like I said, I am not sure this is a pan that I would be interested in but Williams Sonoma usually carries some pretty nice stuff.  If you are in one of their outlets and have the chance to put your hands on one I would love to hear how it actually performs.